Consider These 6 things You Need to Know About Becoming a Yoga Instructor

Consider These 6 things You Need to Know About Becoming a Yoga Instructor

Consider These 6 things You Need to Know About Becoming a Yoga Instructor 1024 721 meredith.loos

Many people choose to try yoga for intrinsic rewards, such as: alleviating stress; feeling more centered; getting in touch with your true self; or achieving a healthier body, mind and spirit. As these excellent benefits come to fruition, you may also discover that you begin to rely upon the peaceful feeling resulting from your daily yoga session – to the point that you crave it – like you need the fix that you find only from yoga.

This unprecedented sense of well-being is what inspires countless individuals to pursue classes to become a Certified Yoga Instructor. And that is definitely a positive passion, which can be a solid foundation for building a future business teaching yoga to others. Why would you not want to share the priceless treasure you found?

Keep these 6 things in mind when choosing to become a yoga instructor:

Prepare to work a variety of hours on a somewhat unpredictable schedule. 

If your motivation and dedication to becoming a successful Yoga Instructor is as strong as your commitment to your own daily yoga class, you will probably not be discouraged by days that require you to run across town to teach an early morning class and repeat this with the same invigorating spirit 10 hours later when the rest of your paying students want to get their daily yoga fix.

You need a business plan (Remember you want to help others & earn money for your services)

Most successful teachers offer group classes as well as private sessions. Many experienced instructors recommend promoting a package deal of 5-10 individual lessons. This will attract clients committed to learning and paying for your services. Private classes have the potential to produce a profit AND provide more control over your schedule.

You are responsible for marketing yourself and your services, as well as providing a stimulating session to EACH participant in EVERY class.

You are not the only certified Yoga Instructor in your town. It’s a competition. Consider how to make your classes unique. Develop your own “brand” of teaching Yoga. Give your students an unparalleled experience that will give them something and someone to talk about. Word of mouth can make or break you.

Think outside the box.

Don’t do what every other new Yoga Instructor in your neighborhood is doing. If the local fitness center has 15 other instructors asking to teach a class, you want to be creative in choosing another venue.

Be prepared to continue working your day job.

Lofty aspirations to make a living solely by teaching yoga are not realistic. Just like most small businesses starting out, it takes time and effort to create success and turn a profit.

Don’t forget about yourself and what initially inspired you to teach Yoga.

Make time to fuel your own fire with your own yoga fix.

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