First Class

Before class

  • If you have time, please register and pay online prior to class.
  • Prepare to arrive at least 15 minutes early to sign in and get ready for class. Classes begin on time, and doors are locked at the start of class.
  • Parking is free in the parking deck and there is an entrance on Level 2.  Our front entrance is on 8th street next to Marlow’s Tavern.  Use the Peachtree Place parking deck entrance across the street from Mac’s Beer and Wine for 6:00AM classes.
  • See Location and Contact Info page for location specifics.
  • Hydrate before and during class.
  • Don’t go to class on a full stomach. Try not to eat two hours before class or keep it light, low-acid and nutritious to aid in digestion.
  • Go easy on perfume, cologne, and strongly scented products.
  • Be ready to sweat and wear lite, fitted, comfortable clothing.  Bring a change of clothes if you care to shower after class.
  • Come prepared with water, a yoga mat if you own one, and one or two towels – one towel for class and another one for after class if you choose to shower.  We also rent mats, towels, and provide filtered water.
  • Be mindful of leaving valuables unattended as we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Studio Arrival

  • Be happy you made it!
  • Sign in at the front desk and let them know it is your first time so we can show you around.
  • Yoga is social so please enjoy visiting with others, but do so quietly.  Please turn cell phones on vibrate or silent.
  • Please also confirm the teacher knows it is your first class and make them aware of any prior injuries, health conditions, and if you do not want to be adjusted.
  • Only bring your yoga mat, towel, and water into the yoga room.
  • The hot yoga room is called the Sun Room and the non-hot room is called the Moon Room.
  • Find a comfortable place in class and relax.  If in the Sun Room, don’t set up in the front row and be mindful of others’ ability to see themselves in the mirrors.

During Class

  • Enjoy yourself!
  • Continue to hydrate.
  • No Judgement – try not to compare yourself to others. It is your time and be gentle. Yoga is a practice not a competition.
  • Be present and try not to stress about what happened prior to class or feel anxious about what you have to do after class.
  • Listen to your body.  Ignore your ego, and don’t push it.  Discomfort is ok, but back off or come out of a pose early if you feel pain.
  • Focus on your breath and don’t be afraid to rest in class. The teacher will assist you.
  • Listen to the teacher and follow their instructions.
  • Make every effort to stay for the entire class.  Please check with the teacher if you feel you need to leave early.

End of Class

  • Each class ends with Savasana or Corpse pose which includes lying on your back, closing your eyes, and bringing  awareness to your breath.
  • Savasana is followed by stillness in a comfortable seated position before the teacher ends the class.
  • Quietly gather your things and replace any props or rentals where you found them.
  • Be mindful of those still in class as you exit.
  • Teachers are available after class to answer any questions.
  • Thanks for sharing your practice with us!
  • Make it a goal to practice at least 10 times in the first month to fully realize the benefits.
Yoga Etiquette