Integrative Flow 200 hour Teacher Training (Vinyasa Focus)

Integrative Flow 200 hour Teacher Training (Vinyasa Focus)

We are very excited to offer Integrative Flow 200-Hour YTT at Evolation in Spring 2017!

Integrative: serving or intending to unify separate things

“Yoga” has a variety of meanings: union, to join, to unite. The English phrase to yoke is derived from the same Sanskrit root word. It feels appropriate to title this Yoga Teacher Training program as “integrative,” as the goal for the program is to bring each student closer to a more integrated state of being.

We are pulled in many directions in life. The ancient technologies of yoga philosophy help us to find our way back to ourselves and to align with our greatest potential. In so doing, we may envision our true purpose and lead lives of extraordinary impact. We study the philosophies and practices of yoga so we may utilize these tools toward cultivating self-awareness and discovery. As we do this work in ourselves, we may share these tools and way of seeing the world with others.

Once the yoga practice grabs you, you are never the same. You catch a glimpse of a deep well of contentment within and your priorities begin to shift. This training will equip you to deepen this journey within yourself and to help guide others on the same journey. Yogic philosophy is rooted in the point of view that living a life of true fulfillment is accessible to everyone. Whether you are interested in deepening your own practice or in guiding others along the yogic path, this training will provide enrichment toward both.

One year of consistent yoga studio practice is required to be considered and must be outlined in your application. Space is limited to 12.


$2600 Early Bird Price until Tuesday, January 31, 2017

$2800 Regular Price after Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Payment plans are available by request

Fridays: 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm

Saturdays & Sundays: 8:30 am to 6:00 pm (with late lunch/dinner breaks)

20 hours total per weekend; 9 weekends total for 180 contact hours required by Yoga Alliance.

RYS 200 Yoga Alliance School


#1 March 10-12, 2017
#2 April 21-23, 2017
#3 May 26-28, 2017
#4 June 23-25, 2017
#5 July 14-16, 2017
#6 August 11-13, 2017
#7 September 15-17, 2017
#8 October 13-15, 2017
#9 November 17-19, 2017

Attendance is mandatory for all hours. If there is an emergency or you miss time, you may make up the class time at a rate of $50.00/hour for private lessons. 180 contact hours is required by Yoga Alliance in order to meet the requirements for certification.

This training will be led by Veronica Lewinger, E-RYT 200. Veronica will finish her 500-Hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Certification with the Center for Integrative Yoga Studies by the end of 2016. Veronica has been practicing yoga for 20 years, and teaching full time for 7.

Guest Instructor will be Marlysa Sullivan, E-RYT 500
Co-founder of the Center for Integrative Yoga Studies
Assistant Professor at Maryland University of Integrative Health

In this course, you will learn about: 

Yoga history & philosophy: Patanjali’s Sutras, the Gita, the Eight Limbs, Samkhya Karika

Asana, anatomy & alignment based on Functional Movement Principals

Vinyasas, Kriyas & Sun Salutations

Pranayama, Meditation & Mantra

How to assist students safely and instruct how to use props

Energetic anatomy: the Koshas, the Gunas & the Chakras

The Central Nervous System (CNS)

Sequencing Methodology

Contraindictions for the asana practice so you may safely guide people with injuries

How to hold the seat of the teacher with confidence & humility

The business of Yoga: marketing, ethics, social media, networking & private sessions


The training manual will be provided.  Further investments for books may be required.

A 20 class card, valued at $280, will be included.  Students may drop in for $10.00 for classes beyond the 20 class card.


Please download the application here & email to

If you would like more detailed information about the training, please email the studio.