Leap Year Challenge w/ Will Milne & The Evolation Community

Saturday, February 1, 2020

$100 (includes month of yoga)
$29 for members

Your yoga mat is your sanctuary for connection with your Highest Self. A place to seek and process what is most important to you right now. Whatever you’re working on or moving through physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or otherwise: your yoga mat is a sacred place for just that. For You.

Join Will and the evolation community to dive into your practice and establish a daily yoga habit alongside your fellow yogis. Practicing 29 times in 29 days… and see where you go from there!

Let’s be honest though: developing a daily yoga practice can be difficult. Whether it’s the time or the motivation or the funds. We’ve all heard a thousand excuses, and we’ve all used a thousand and one! Good news is, it doesn’t have to be that hard – we’ll explore why together.

By committing yourself to practice consistently, you will increase strength and flexibility, and of course reduce stress, but you will also notice the new and profound effects of expanding your consciousness and living with more ease on and off the mat. It is in this expanded state that we crave a daily practice and realize the ways of incorporating our practice without trouble.

We will begin our month with a kick-off practice Feb 1st at 11am to meet our group of yogis embarking on this adventure together. Practice everyday for the next 27 days, and then we close with a celebratory practice Feb 29th at 11am to reunite as a group, to flow together, and to share our stories and plans for the future.

You will be encouraged along the way with weekly email check-ins, access to a private Facebook group, and a video practice for at home when you need yoga but can’t get to the studio. And of course, we will have our very own hashtag on instagram.

Students who complete 29 classes in 29 days get a free 5-class card (for self or a friend) and are eligible to win one month of unlimited yoga at evolation and lululemon goodies TBA. Cost of the challenge is $100 (including the month of unlimited yoga) and $29 for members. Challenge-goers also get 25% off Will’s Yin Sound Bath and Use Your Hands workshops during the month of February! Email Will any questions: will@evolationyoga.com