Alex Mullen


Teaching Style

My teaching style of yoga is heated power vinyasa. Working on getting the body moving, building heat, breath to movement sequences, opening muscles, joints, so you feel the benefits of yoga, stretching, meditation and breathing while getting a sweat and a workout.

How Yoga Serves Alex

Yoga is pertinent any day at any time. The ability to find release in the things we hold onto that do not serve us, and the ability to access and utilize things that make us stronger and more at peace. The fact that there are endless types of yoga, no matter what day or week one has had, there is a practice that will relate to what the mind or body needs. Whether needing an intense stretch and release of built up emotions and baggage in my hips/shoulders/etc,  a hard workout, sweat, mental challenge, movement, etc. They all do amazing things for the mind and the body, and daily and hourly what our bodies need can change vastly. It’s made a vast change in my life with letting me live more fulfilled days and seeing the world in a much more patient, clear and unique lense.

Words of Wisdom

The hardest part of yoga for me at the beginning was surrendering. Not necessarily meaning physically, but emotionally and mentally. Teaching myself to stop setting expectations, judgements, and learn how to observe my surroundings, myself, and the energy I am in. Each class, and breath, is a journey, and it was hard to tap into that journey until I was able to remove the constraints I held on myself. Once I learned to just be as I am in that moment, there was so much release. Whether after class, or meditation, you leave insanely happy, or cry in savasana. Letting ourselves be as we are, and letting things in and out more naturally, that is when my practice got deeper and I was able to notice changes in my every day life as well (patience, acceptance, peace). Of course not every day or practice will get to the depth, but working each day to allow that vulnerability is so magical.


I first started practicing yoga when I was 14 due to a soccer coach suggesting it to us to help our speed. I still remember my first class when I left, never feeling that type of euphoric peace. I continued to practice throughout high school (before heated yoga was really a thing), then in college on and off. I fell into media planning at an ad agency after college – Chicago for a year then moved to Atlanta in 2014. I felt so unfulfilled; my practice and exercise in general fell off. In 2015 I made myself start working out again and yoga became part of my regular routine (especially hot yoga). The sweat and workout/release on top of the yoga breathing, stretching and opening, did amazing wonders for my mind and my body. I was still unhappy, though, and in the winter of 2015 I went to Vail, CO and it created a spark in me to want to live more, experience more, be able to share my energy with others and feel that energy from others. I considered traveling or getting my yoga 200 hours. I talked to a few yoga instructors that I really admired, and ended up leaving advertising all together and went through my 200 hour training at CorePower Yoga in Atlanta where I was able to continue to work (as I finished my advertising job) and then eventually got a restaurant job on the side to help assist with this transition. Now 2 laters here I am! I teach at CorePower Yoga, Evolation, one private corporate class a week, and a few various events here and there, and still work at a restaurant a few nights a week. I am still on my journey for passions and goals, but the journey the last two years has taught me humility, opened my eyes, heart, mind, made me more comfortable in my own mind, skin, and overall each day I enjoy. I’ve learned about myself, how to enjoy each day and each hour, and how to release those expectations for myself that I held and learned how to hear my true inner self. I am so honored and blessed to have the gift to share that with others by teaching and guiding yoga classes, and being able to learn so much from my students every day.