Angie Wells

Teaching Style

Angie teaches the original hot yoga (26/2) series using a dialogue between her words and her students’ bodies. By trying your best to apply the words to the body and mind that you have today, you will get the most out of the class for your mind, body and spirit.

How Yoga Serves Angie

Angie came for her body and stayed for her mind. She took her first hot 26/2 class in 2014 because she needed an alternative to running due to injuries. The 26/2 series returned health and balance to her body, but more importantly, it became an integral part of Angie’s grief process after the sudden death of her husband. This yoga was the only thing that quieted Angie’s mind because it was impossible for her to think of anything else during class. This stillness created more space for her to process, grow and move forward outside of the hot room. Angie continues to find freedom, peace and clarity in her daily moving meditation.

Words of Wisdom for Students

Be right here, right now.


Angie studied at North Carolina School of the Arts and Pennsylvania Ballet before dancing professionally with Charleston Ballet Theatre and Southern Ballet Theatre in Orlando, Florida. Angie owned Brevard Ballet School for 8.5 years before closing the physical location due to the pandemic and relocating to Atlanta.

Angie completed Ida Ripley’s Original Hot Yoga Academy in February 2021. She is a certified teacher with the American Ballet Theatre National Training Curriculum. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and has finished two Boston Marathons and Ironman Florida. Angie is excited to join the Evolation community.


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