Ashley Newman


Teaching Style

Traditionalist at heart; “new” doesn’t excite or benefit me. My teaching evokes original methodologies. I focus on Bikram method because of the disciplined style. This class enables us to focus more clearly on our true selves. An unchanging sequence of postures brings to light any changes in one’s self. The postures are unwavering; it is us that changes. Each class is an opportunity to acknowledge that change, find acceptance and harness growth. The heat challenges us to connect to our breath rather than distractions. It’s designed to be a rejuvenating exercise to strengthen the entire body from head to toe.

How Yoga Serves Ashley

Yoga means “to yoke” or center. Without centering, there is a lack of connection to one’s true self.

Words of Wisdom for Students

“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same.”

Stay hungry, stay curious.


I began teaching with Women’s Wellness programs. Throughout the past eight years of teaching, my style has changed but my motivation has always been centered around assisting practitioners to find their strength.

I’ve practiced since 2006 and studied extensively with renowned teachers such as Manuso Manos and Kino McGregor. I received my 200-RYT under Bethany Vaughn of Red Hot Yoga, who is a primary influence along with several teachers of the Iyengar method.