Ashley Benton

Teaching Style

Ashley teaches Barkan method Hot Yoga which is a style of Hatha Yoga that originated from a lineage in Calcutta, India. While the Barkan Method finds its roots from this lineage, it also integrates postures from other styles of Yoga to create variations and even greater range of motion. The yoga classes are practiced in a heated room to stretch and strengthen various areas of the body. The practice brings vital balance and restores all systems to optimal health. Consistency will create a physical, mental and spiritual harmony that will be felt in all areas of the your life.

How Yoga Serves Ashley

Yoga for me effects me physically, mentally and spiritually. I consider it health insurance for the mind, body and soul. It reconnects me to my self each day which in turn helps me connect to others. Yoga helps me to move through fear and trust, love and accept.

Words of Wisdom for Students

“Practice, practice, practice.  Have fun and ride the wave.”


Ashley’s first yoga classes were in 1997.  She was introduced to Sivananda at a summer job in Colorado where she practiced 5 days a week for 10 weeks. He life was changed forever, and she was in awe of the transformation that happens physically, mentally and emotionally. In 2004, she went to the Sivananda Vedanta Ashram in Grass Valley, CA for her first 200 hr teacher training.  She had also been practicing Bikram Hot Yoga around this same time. She partnered with a Bikram instructor and we opened a studio that they ran for five years. She is also acertified Thai Yoga Massage Therapist under Kam Thye Chow. After closing the studio, about three years ago she took a break from teaching to pursue her artist career. Ashley recently moved back home to Atlanta where I was introduced to Barkan Method Hot Yoga.  Ashley loves this practice because it is a great blend of vinyasa with static postures in the heat.  She recently received her second 200 hr certification from Jimmy Barkan, and will be going in October for more training with Jimmy, the Barkan Hot Vinyasa level 2/3. Ashley is forever a student of yoga.  She has learned more about herself through the paractice of yoga than any other schooling. The amazing thing is how it extends beyond the mat and into every aspect of my life.  As a teacher, she is so happy to be sharing this amazing practice. If you come to her class you leave feeling ready and a little sweaty too! Ultimately the practice is yours Ashley is just riding shotgun for support. She hope to see you in class.

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