Ashtine Tapanes

Teaching Style

Ashtine focuses on safety and helping students find their “edge” at any level. In each class, she encourages props and variations for poses, no matter where a student is in their yoga journey! In her classes, you can expect upbeat music and a good time, with some humor sprinkled in. Most importantly, Ashtine wants students to walk away from class feeling empowered, appreciative of their body’s abilities, and proud of themselves for showing up on the mat.

How Yoga Serves Ashtine

Ashtine loves yoga because it helps her stay present, which is hard in such a fast-paced world. As a nerd for learning, there is always something new to learn about herself or the practice. She’s had many realizations and “aha” moments on the mat. She has a passion for teaching because she can positively impact people and help anyone get started with yoga or advance their practice.

Words of Wisdom

Just show up. Show up as you are and give your body and mind a space to feel nourished, accepted, and present. Always remember, it’s not about the picture, it’s about the feeling.


Ashtine has practiced yoga for over 8 years. Since then, her relationship has ebbed and flowed with yoga. But, she always knew she wanted to teach someday. She’s been an advanced student, had injuries, and been set back, but she’s always found herself back on the mat. After years of wanting to be a teacher, she got her 200-hour certification at Yonder Yoga Studio in Atlanta. She’s excited to be a teacher at evolation Yoga Atlanta and join this beautiful and supportive community.