Hope Marshall


Teaching Style

Hope teaches Barkan Method Hot Yoga and Vinyasa styles of yoga which stretch, strengthen and heal the body and mind and spirit. She focuses on exploring new ways to move with the breath and link the feeling of physical strength with mental relaxation and empowerment. She encourages slow progression and regression of postures in order to build strength while protecting the body from injury. She believes that through a strong physical practice we can evolve our souls and strives to create a space to play and escape from the rigidness of everyday life.

How Yoga Serves Hope

At first, Yoga was another form of exercise during the healing from an injury. She fell in love with the practice not only because of the healing she experienced, but because she gained an appreciation for her body and connection with her spiritual self. Every time she rolls out her mat, she balances, connects and restores. Her practice has become an invaluable part of her life. She is working more and more on bringing her practice from her mat to encompassing the rest of her days.

Words of Wisdom for Students

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.” Mahatma Gandhi


Hope entered the fitness world as a spin instructor in college when she started competing in triathlons. She taught spinning for many years as well as circuit and HIIT classes before becoming a yoga instructor. She fell in love with the practice and did her 200-Hour training through Jimmy Barkan in Fort Lauderdale. She did another 100-Hour training in Costa Rica and is working on her 500-Hour certification. She believes in continuous learning every day that she practices and teaches.