Kat Harvin

Teaching Style

Kat focuses on teaching to authenticity with opportunities for empowerment, acceptance, and detachment. She brings an energetic vibe to her classes through music and connection, while emphasizing strength and approachable ways to deepen your practice. Her goal in every class is to inspire and create connection, and her favorite part of teaching is seeing students witness their muscles and mindset work together in mindful movement.

How Yoga Serves Kat

Yoga is a practice of letting go and embracing her most authentic self. It has shown her how to love and connect more deeply not only with her friends, family, and community, but most importantly to herself. Yoga is what brings her closest to her fullest potential.

Words of Wisdom

Meet yourself where you are at, and always create room for laughter. Yoga is a joyful practice and should always create opportunities to fall, learn, and get back up without judgement or fear.


Kat is a 200-hour E-RYT and specializes in Power Yoga. She began her practice and teaching career in 2016 and quickly transitioned to full-time teaching and management. This decision began an ever evolving journey in connection and a personal understanding of her strength and mental health.  What started as a way to disconnect from the world and get stronger became paradoxically an adventure in deep connection and more softness in her life.

She has taught thousands of classes and managed multiple studios and teams of yoga teachers. Her first love in teaching though has always been teacher training, leadership, and development. She has led almost 15 yoga education programs (200-hour and continued ed.) and coached workshops across Atlanta and online. She has trained in many continuing ed workshops herself as well as in anatomy and philosophy of yoga. Her personal mission is to cultivate evolutionary connection and she can’t wait to continue her teaching journey at Evolation!