Kem McIntosh Lee

Teaching Style
Kem McIntosh Lee enjoys teaching to all levels of students with an emphasis on alignment so that the body stays safe and develops strength and flexibility for a lifetime practice. She teaches with a lesson plan to encourage students to experience yoga as a mind, body and spirit practice. Kem is greatly influenced by Buddhist principles and often reminds students to create spaciousness, non-judgement and compassion for themselves. Known for her playful style and light-hearted approach, Kem encourages students to find the shapes in their bodies, take risks and modify all in the spirit of what she calls “five-year old fun.” She brings yoga wheels, balls and worms to class and has a yoga playground near the end of class for students to roll, stretch and apply pressure to their own needs.

Words of Wisdom

Play in your body, appreciate your body and thank your body.

Kem is a native Atlantan. She completed her first yoga teacher training in 2015 and was hooked! She first trained at the Chopra Center in California where she developed a great love of meditation. She next completed a five-hundred hour course at the Dharma Yoga Center in New York City and was inspired by the amazing gifts the body has at any age for practicing yoga. She will often remind her students that yoga has been her friend for thirty years and counting.

When not teaching yoga, Kem is professionally photographing families and individuals, designing jewelry and enjoying her husband and three adult children.

What Yoga Means to Kem

Yoga has been my steady friend over the last thirty years. Yoga reminds me to sometimes take on challenging poses and other times enjoy the rest of a yin pose. Like a true friend, yoga accepts me for who I am each day on my mat.