Leslie Lowe

Teaching Style

We are all students, constantly learning from each other.  Leslie’s teaching style draws on years of practice, but also the knowledge that we don’t know everything, and humor is key!

How Yoga Serves Leslie

Her 26 & 2 practice began as a physical workout to keep up with 2 small and active boys, but over time evolved into a regular 90 minute moving meditation.  The transformation and integration of the physical practice into something more mentally and spiritually strengthening has created a profound improvement in her life, bringing the ability to stay focussed and calm in stressful moments, and to take time to be fully present for all the little joys of life.

Words of Wisdom

It’s not about striking a pose.  It’s the moment when you are aware that your mind has wandered, and you gently come back to your body.  That’s where the magic happens.


Born and raised in Chicago, Leslie moved to Atlanta so long ago she now considers herself a true southerner.  Her yoga journey began in earnest in 2000 with the discovery of 26 & 2 series – combining her favorite things, yoga and humid heat.  After 22 years of practice, she decided to pursue a teacher training certification to share what she has learned as a long time student.  She added Inferno Hot Pilates to her toolkit as a way to get stronger for her yoga practice, and in life.