Maria Cadena

Teaching Style

Maria’s classes are founded on two core principles – alignment and breath. She embraces the modern collective style of yoga while remaining deeply respectful of the roots of this ancient practice. Her classes are highly focused, weaving intelligent and creative sequences that are approachable to all practitioners at any level. Her goal is that her students will finish class feeling like they have arrived home in their bodies.

How Yoga Serves Maria

One of Maria’s teachers would always say in class, “How you show up on the mat reflects how you show up everywhere else.” She takes these words to heart. This is what yoga is all about.

Words of Wisdom

Cold beer and deep breaths.


Born and raised in Guatemala, Maria moved to the US in 2005. What started as a six-month adventure in yoga teacher training turned into a true life calling, replete with a husband, three tiny doggies and a little girl named Esme. Maria has been teaching yoga for over a decade. She is a 500H registered yoga teacher, has led multiple yoga teacher training courses in Atlanta, Nashville and LA and has hosted numerous international yoga retreats. She is also a Certified Pranic Healer, a comprehensive system of energetic medicine.