Michelle Pigott

Teaching Style

You can expect a mix of mindful breathwork and fluid movement cues in Michelle’s classes.  Her welcoming and calming persona creates a room of cohesive flowing energy that focuses on honoring the breath.  Michelle strives to guide the practitioner into a depth where they can find new space for the body to meet what it needs at that moment in time.

How Yoga Serves Michelle

The benefits I’ve found in yoga have gone beyond what I thought possible.  Consistent practice has helped alleviate body aches and ailments and brings a mental clarity into my life that is immeasurable.

Words of Wisdom

Let the breath lead the movement and you will find a release for the body as well as the mind.


Michelle completed her 200-hour hot yoga teacher training in the fall of 2022 from Be Hot Yoga Atlanta.  After seriously committing to her own practice in 2017 she wanted to share the positive benefits yoga brought to her own life with others.

Outside the studio Michelle works in social media advertising, recently quitting the corporate ad-world to go into business on her own.  You can find her working from home with her dog, Olive, or sweating in the studio being a student herself.