Nancy Vincent

Teaching Style

Nancy believes in building a strong community through fun, energetic, and fast-paced Hot Pilates workouts for all fitness levels. With that being said, her classes are both vigorous and challenging, truly pushing you to your edge to maximize your class time.
Her workouts will make you stronger than ever and keep you feeling accomplished every time. She utilizes a flowing musical environment with a variety of different playlists and musical genres to make you not only hear the music but feel it in every exercise you complete.

How Inferno Hot Pilates Serves Nancy

Inferno Hot Pilates is the perfect class for all fitness levels and ages. She loves the fact that the class is incredibly self-driven, everything can be done individually, at your own pace, and at your own skill level. You fully get out what you put in. Along with this, due to hitting the same muscle groups every class, members will see results with consistency. Individuals will see themselves become leaner, stronger, and healthier after just a few classes. Finally, due to being driven by low-impact exercises, the class will leave you feeling amazing instead of immobile the next day.

Words of Wisdom

Each time you come to your mat, you grow stronger both physically and mentally. Take the hour to be present and enthusiastic, and the results will speak for themselves both in your mind and body.


Born and raised in Westchester County NY, Nancy recently relocated to Atlanta with her husband and 3 children. She possesses a considerable background in fitness, whether it be growing up a competitive swimmer, her love for triathlons, or her past career, owning an incredibly successful Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) business, fitness has always been at the forefront of her life and career. After selling her Stand-Up Paddleboard business in 2020 she focused on teaching Hot Pilates. She earned her Hot Pilates certification in 2018 in NYC and hasn’t looked back. Nancy has been a renowned instructor for SUP and Hot Pilates in the New York Tri-State Area for over 8 years. Currently, she is training for her Original Hot 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training which should be completed spring of 2023.