Raleigh Hutchison

Teaching Style

Raleigh maintains a well-paced class and encourages students to commit fully to each posture. She admires the tradition and discipline of the 26&2 practice, while emphasizing compassion, and personal empowerment. She ties together Pilates principles and Yoga ethics to create a well-rounded experience.

How Yoga Serves Raleigh

Practicing yoga has created neutrality, peace, and sureness of self for Raleigh. She approaches each class as a unique opportunity to serve her highest self.

Words of Wisdom

All you have to do is show up and keep showing up for yourself. Each breath and each posture are opportunities to choose yourself. Be aware of what comes up for you during class and do nothing to control it, simply come back to the breath.


Raleigh discovered Bikram Yoga and Inferno Hot Pilates in 2019 in her college town, Milledgeville, GA. She fell in love with Pilates; 8 months after her first class, she attended IHP training by Gabby Walters in 2020 and began teaching immediately. After earning her IHP certification, she felt that it was time to try yoga again, and that time it stuck. She’s been practicing 26&2 Hot Yoga since and earned her 200-hour certification at Be Hot Yoga in the fall of 2022. She also is certified in Reformer Pilates “Slow Resistance Training,” and as a Yoga Rishi.


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