Regan Smith

Regan Smith


Teaching Style:

We will always let breath inform movement, whether moving through vinyasa flow or gentle postures students will focus on breathing first, tuning intention inward, and allowing breath to be their guide. We will practice a wide range of strength building, mobility increasing, and restful postures and students will receive variations for challenge and modifications to ensure safety throughout class

How Yoga Serves Regan: 

Yoga keeps me grounded and sane. I practice because I juggle a full-time job, travel, relationships and health. Yoga is a gift for me to slow down and feel my inner voice and process some of the accomplishments and challenges of the week.

Words of Wisdom:

Your yoga practice is perfect. It’s practice, you can’t get it wrong as long as you show up.


I started my yoga journey in 2009 as a student and fell fast in love! Seven years later, I was certified with the Pranakriya School of Healing Arts in 2016 and CorePower Yoga later that same year. I continued my yoga education with the Pranakriya School of Healing Arts. I took courses on the philosophy, history, and breathwork all of which influence my practice, teaching style and life. I was fortunate enough to travel to India in 2017 to learn more about eastern yoga culture. Since then, I have continued to study, practice, and build relationships that cultivate lots of light and lots of learning. I hope to see you in class!