Sarah Jung

Teaching Style

Sarah’s classes are a culmination of previous mentors’ teachings and inspirations from her own personal practice. She emphasizes precision of postures and challenges expansion of your body to deeper dimensions. She is committed to creating safe and inclusive environments for students while promoting physical and mental well-being by utilizing her knowledge of human pathophysiology and medicine.

How Yoga Serves Sarah

Sarah loves yoga for both its simplicity and complexity. Through her yoga practice, Sarah finds a way to push herself beyond her perceived limits, both physically and mentally. The challenge of mastering postures has helped her to build strength and resilience, while the discipline required to maintain a consistent practice has instilled a sense of structure and routine in her life. Yoga has become a sanctuary for Sarah, a place where she can come to find balance and connection within herself.

Words of Wisdom

Smile through your postures! Catching your own smile in the mirror in front of you will remind you to enjoy the practice, breathe, and connect with your body.
Movement is medicine — it may be difficult at times when we need more healing, but yoga is a powerful tool that will transform you from the inside out.


Sarah completed her 200-hour teacher training in 2022 at Be Hot Yoga Atlanta. Originally from Austin, TX, Sarah started her Bikram yoga practice in 2006. The yoga stuck with her immediately and continues to inspire her everyday. As a clinical pharmacist specialist in the ICU, Sarah sees firsthand the toll of acute and chronic illnesses. She believes that medications are but a small fraction of treatment; the more intangible therapeutics – like diet, exercise, psychotherapy, family support – make up the rest. Sarah hopes to further unlock the mind-body benefits of yoga in the medical realm and universalize the practice of yoga as a treatment modality.