Sherry Young

Teaching Style

Sherry teaches the Original Hot 26×2 Bikram yoga series and Warm Yin 96 yoga series with her certifications obtained from the Original Hot Yoga Academy. Sherry is known to have a strong and kind presence during her yoga classes connecting and being attentive to all her students.

How Yoga Serves Sherry

Sherry initially began by doing yoga in her home but ventured out to complete a yoga class in a studio 11 years ago. Since that time, she continues to appreciate that with yoga she finds meditation and mindfulness as two key components that always help with navigating anything in life.


Sherry is a native of Atlanta, Georgia who is a motivated yoga instructor who has been practicing for more than 11 years with an interest in inspiring others to enjoy the benefits of yoga. She obtained her certifications with Ida Ripley’s Original Hot Yoga Academy for 26×2 Bikram Yoga in April 2021 and Warm Yin 96 Yoga in December 2021.

Words of Wisdom

Yoga is something that I feel we do everyday—whether we are aware of it or not. My goal is that with yoga, students are more in tune and aware of the mind, body, and spirit connection. To me this can be compared to a light switch, the electricity and power are always there, but it is about turning on the switch to activate the light.


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