Tatiana Cicchelli


Teaching Style

Tati’s classes are taught from the perspective of self-empowerment, and use yoga as a tool to reach an end. She beleives that in order to reach the goals of yoga, you must first feel safe and strong in your body. Classes are taught in an informative, light-hearted, personal alignment-based way. Believing that every body is different, classes equip you with the tools to build your practice to your structural, emotional and spiritual needs.

How Yoga Serves Jen

Tati is very open about having bipolar disorder, and she uses yoga on her path to wellness. Yoga is not just a physical practice, but one that helps her steady her mind when it is most turbulent. To her, yoga is not just a passion – it is a medicine.

Words of Wisdom for Students

Be kind to yourself; have as much grace with your practice as you would with a stranger on the street. Challenge yourself; fall; get up; try, try, try – and don’t take yourself too seriously!


Jersey girl at heart and in vocabulary, Tati moved to Georgia with her husband four years ago and hasn’t looked back.

In addition to teaching yoga, she also runs an organic smoothie and juice shop in Marietta called UpDog Smoothies & Juices. She spends a lot of time studying, playing with her pups Jezebel and Annabelle, adoring her husband Rick, and generally trying to squeeze the most happiness out of her time that she can.

She started doing yoga 7 years ago. Like many, she came for the exercise – being uncoordinated, most team sports were out of the question. When she realized how life-changing yoga could be, she was hooked and hasn’t since stopped. Yoga transformed her physical body and her relationship to that body, and she will be forever grateful for that gift. She hopes to give her students the tools and opportunities they need so they can one day have that feeling of “coming home to yourself.”