Will Milne


Teaching Style

Cultivating presence through focus on breath and body in Hatha style, vinyasa flows, gentle, restorative, and yin yoga practices. We explore a wide-range of experience: from intense work to deep relief, from complexity of movement to simplicity of stillness, enjoying greater physical abilities and new perspectives of thought. Students are given space to connect with themselves and enjoy their practice as their own.

How Yoga Serves Will

Yoga helps me feel balanced and centered. I practice to explore my limits and to pause and listen with my mind, body and heart. Some days it comes easy, and other days it requires more effort; yoga has taught me to enjoy either way.

Words of Wisdom

Allow each moment on the mat to be new. In each pose and with each breath, accept and connect to yourself just as you are, without wanting or forcing any change. Then true change can happen as you allow.


I began “yoga” practice a decade ago, in the living room after long runs around my small hometown – before I knew what I was doing, before I called it yoga. What at first was just a stretch for my legs soon became wholly transformative as I felt the power of breath and the unmistakable connection of mind and body. Around this time, my dad gave me an old meditation tape to help with stress-relief and healthy sleep, planting the seed for a lifestyle shift. Now my practice, grown from reading books, practicing often, researching, and thinking, has become integrated in my everyday life. I have transitioned from a high-tech, engineering career into a personal and professional yoga practice. I’ve attended intensive immersions and workshops with William Hufschmidt, Jeffery Shoaf, Veronica Lewinger, and Isabelle Casey, and I spent 10 days training at Orion Healing Centre Koh Phangan, Thailand. I received Pranakriya’s 200-hour certification in May 2017 with the guidance of Vladimir Tchakarov and William Hufschmidt.