Practice Mindfulness When Arriving Late to Yoga Class

Practice Mindfulness When Arriving Late to Yoga Class

Practice Mindfulness When Arriving Late to Yoga Class 1024 682 Evolation Yoga Atlanta

Let’s face it – we live in the largest city in the Southeast where traffic is always prevalent, parking is sometimes difficult to find, and it’s easy to get lost. Our team at Evolation Yoga Atlanta totally understands how these things can take away from the peace and mindfulness we all work to cultivate in our yoga practice. We also understand how these events can lead us to sometimes be late to class.clients checking into Evolation Hot Yoga

While we encourage all of our students to arrive at least 15 minutes before a class begins, we know that this is sometimes an impossible feat – we’ve all experienced being late before. Yoga is about removing stress from your life; it’s not about being stressed because you’re a couple of minutes late for yoga class.

When and How to Enter a Yoga Class Late

While we understand that sometimes our students will arrive late to class, please be mindful of our instructors and the other students in the classroom when entering. In general, our instructors and staff will allow late students to enter the classroom no more than 10 minutes after class has started. If a student enters class any later, it tends to disrupt the energy of the space and the teacher, which greatly affects how our students experience their practice. Please be aware that some instructors do not allow late students to enter their classes, so always check with our staff behind the counter to make sure you can attend the class.

When entering a yoga class late, we request that all students practice mindfulness and courtesy to the instructor and the other students. Wait at the door for the teacher to acknowledge you through eye contact, especially if it is during the centering meditation. In general, students should never enter the classroom during chanting or centering meditation, as these are sacred practices that signify the beginning of an altered sense of being from that of the everyday world. Movement during this time is disrespectful both to the students and the instructor.

Once the centering meditation is complete and the class moves into the asana practice, it is appropriate to enter the room. As a student enters the room during the asana practice, please be aware of the entire experience and energy of the class and be as quiet as possible in getting your mat down. This is another instance where making eye contact with the teacher can be helpful, especially if the class is full.

gentleness-Ahmsa-body-soul-yogaWe request that that every late student take a moment to ground himself or herself mentally before joining the physical practice. This can be done by chanting Om silently and clearing the mind. This allows the student to calm their energy because when a student is frantic to join the physical practice, their energy is frenetic and can be very disruptive, as well as counterintuitive to the entire practice of cultivating mindfulness and calmness.

After the student has grounded and calmed himself or herself, take a child’s pose, several rounds of cat/cow or simply stand to join the physical practice; work into the asana practice with relation to how the teacher is warming up the class in that moment.

Review Our Class Schedule to Find Yoga Class Times

At Evolation Yoga Atlanta, we welcome students throughout the entire city. Our schedule is updated on a weekly basis, and reflects any necessary updates. Additionally, if we need to make quick updates to our schedule, you can generally find this information on our social media.

Please take a few minutes to look through our online class schedule to choose the classes and times that best suit your schedule. While we do make exceptions, we prefer for our students to arrive at the studio no more than 15 minutes before class to allow plenty of time to store items and set up in the studio room.