Pranakriya 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Pranakriya 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

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Join Pranakriya Program Director Vladimir Tchakarov and your Evolation Yoga Atlanta community for this in-person 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training!

Pranakriya Yoga is one of the most solidly grounded, transformational and logically structured yoga teacher trainings in the country. The program trains practitioners who have a love for yoga born out of practice and experience, and the goal is to skillfully encourage personal reflection regarding physical, mental and emotional aspects inherent in each pose, pranayama and meditation, helping students recognize that what is discovered on the mat can be used in everyday living. Pranakriya Directors are compassionate and reassuring, asking teachers in training to play with the edges of their comfort zone so they can feel fully alive. Once they discover this aliveness, they in turn can share it with others.

The Pranakriya program is steeped in the Tantric Hatha Yoga Philosophy but also created from adult learning models. We thread together asana, anatomy, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, relaxation, observation and hands-on assisting as well as reading and working with groups and individuals.

The training is taught in nine intensive weekends and class size is limited to 24 students. This format supports students’ having time to integrate the material, complete homework and prepare for assigned practice-teach sessions.

In the first half of the program, students will learn effective methodologies for teaching postures, pranayamas and centerings. Students will also learn about the history and philosophy of the Tantra Hatha Yoga tradition.

In the second half of the program, students will learn to design and lead three kinds of classes: a vinyasa workout class, a meditative posture class, and a gentle stretch class. Pranakriya graduates have a deep understanding of the teachings of yoga and will be prepared to teach in a variety of settings including yoga studios and gyms.

Students should have:

  • At least two years of yoga practice (at least six months of classes with a certified instructor).
  • The ability to demonstrate an experiential understanding of yoga practice and its benefits.

The  Pranakriya Basic 200-hour YTT is registered with Yoga Alliance and meets or exceeds all its requirements for 200-hour teacher training programs.

Vladimir Tchakarov (E-RYT 500) – Born and raised in Bulgaria, Vladimir was introduced to yoga as a child by his mother who was a practitioner. Growing up, he studied martial arts and began teaching classes in his father’s dojo at age 12. In adolescence he was introduced to chi gong, meditation and eastern philosophy by his father who practiced daily.  A few years after Vladimir emigrated to the United States, his father was diagnosed with cancer and passed away six months later. Seeking healing and following his father’s final wish to grow spiritually, Vladimir began practicing yoga at a nearby studio. There he met his teachers William Hufschmidt and Yoganand Michael Carroll.

Soon Vladimir was practicing yoga and meditating daily for up to 8 hours. Over the last 10 years he has completed his 500-hour certification with Pranakriya and has continued his daily practice without fail, enjoying the profound insight and vitality generated by it. His teaching style emphasizes a slower paced practice with longer held postures, internal focus on breath, sensations and emotions, and a deep understanding of yoga philosophy. Currently Vladimir teaches yoga full time in Atlanta, GA, and around the country as a Pranakriya director.
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Pranakriya Is certified by yoga alliance!