The Benefits of Daily Yoga for the Immune System

The Benefits of Daily Yoga for the Immune System

The Benefits of Daily Yoga for the Immune System 1024 681 meredith.loos

Exercise in general can save you from early death. However, yoga in particular has some unique qualities for improving health. Specifically, yoga supports your immune system. Meditation reduces stress and lowering stress levels decreases the risk of contracting an illness. In addition, yoga provides significant exercise which strengthens the immune system further. It gets the circulation flowing to all your organs which makes them work better than before.

However, it is important to keep this exercise up in order to keep reaping the benefits of yoga. This is why a 30 day yoga challenge can help you. Bad habits are hard to break and good habits are hard to make. So this is why we encourage you to start now!

Yoga has also been known to improve memory, asthma and even cure insomnia. These benefits are all at your fingertips if you have the gumption to roll out a yoga mat. Once you take on the challenge you will learn that yoga has many forms, from gentle stretching and balance poses to strengthening poses. It has the benefits of weightlifting without going to the gym or buying weights.

How many times have you decided to get in the habit of running five miles every morning? How many times have you actually done that? I thought so. But yoga makes an easier commitment. Don’t think of it as an ordeal; you can do it without even leaving your house! Just roll out that mat. And if you want more incentive, challenge yourself to do that every day for 30 days. Yoga has enormous benefits and requires only a mat and consistency. Try it today.