Yoga Class Fashion: Mother’s Day Gifts

Yoga Class Fashion: Mother’s Day Gifts

Yoga Class Fashion: Mother’s Day Gifts 1024 682 meredith.loos

It’s almost Mother’s Day! A great gift for mom is a gift certificate for Evolation Yoga Atlanta. Perhaps, when last shopping with her, you walked past the yoga studio and she mentioned that she would like to try it. While a yoga class gift certificate makes a great gift, the accessories that go with it get mom’s attention and get her dressed and ready for her new favorite activity. Yoga is not just exercise. Relaxation, meditation, and simple concentrated breathing does wonders for the mind, body, and soul, and yoga is just what mom needs most to renew herself this spring.

Since yoga has become so trendy and fashionable, yoga class fashion has become quite an industry. Like any sports activity, yoga gear has advanced to create comfort and to boost performance. So many options are available to create a perfect gift that mom will love.

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When assembling a nice mother’s day gift to prepare your mom for yoga classes, a yoga bag is a good place to start. Mom will need a bag to store her yoga mat, props, and clothing. Yoga bags come in many sizes and shapes, and designs. Find one that speaks to your mom’s personality or that makes a good conversation starter. She will find new friends in her yoga class who love her bag. Pockets are perfect for stuffing with fun accessories, and for storing her keys, phone, and wallet while in yoga class.

Yoga mats are pretty straightforward. Pick one that seems a proper pedestal for your mom’s beauty. Be sure it fits in the bag you chose. Many colors and designs are available, but calming colors and artistic designs stand out and won’t get confused with others’ mats in the studio.

Yoga props are simple devices, but there is a lot of options when it comes to colors and designs. Straps, blocks, balls, bolsters, blankets, and chairs are available. For beginners, straps and blocks are most commonly used in yoga classes and they fit into yoga bags well.

A towel and a reusable water bottle are necessary accessories to include in mom’s yoga bag. A refreshing body spray and a soothing lotion are lovely additions, too.

clothing for yogis at Evolation Yoga in MidtownMoms like to choose their own yoga fashions since they are such personal choices, so she’ll appreciate a gift certificate for a shop that offers several complete lines of clothing and expert fashion advice. Clothes that do not hinder typical yoga movements, stretches, and positions are best. Mom will need a tight top like a sports bra, camisole, tank or crop top and a fine pair of yoga pants, and there are a variety of styles and fabric choices. However, T-shirts, sweatshirts, yoga socks, and headbands are items you could choose for mom to accompany a clothing gift certificate. Shopping for proper gear is half the fun of any new activity, but feeling fashionable, beautiful, and confident while doing the activity is the more important half.

Moms like to read about new activities before doing them, so include literature from the yoga studio and clothing shop in her yoga bag along with the gift certificates. Separately wrap a book about the many health benefits of yoga or yoga techniques for beginners and include a card. Mom will love the thought that went into choosing her gift and she will love yoga!

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