Yoga Etiquette

Safety First

Listen to your body, ignore your ego, and don’t push it. Discomfort is ok, but back off or come out of a pose early if you feel pain. Breathe and don’t be afraid to rest in class. The teacher will assist you. Inform your teacher of any prior injuries and health conditions.

Be Punctual

Make it a habit to arrive early and be on your mat ready to start class in advance (15 minutes if it is your first class at evolation).  Classes start on time, and doors are locked once the class starts.

Sign In

Don’t forget to sign in before setting up your mat in class.

Respect your Teachers

Listen to your teacher and follow their instructions. Make every effort to stay for the entire class. Check with the teacher if you feel like you need to leave early. Please try and thank your teacher after class.

Our Studio is Your Studio

Make yourself at home and take the pledge to treat it like it is yours. Please be mindful in the changing rooms and replace any props where you found them at the end of class.

Mind your Personal Hygiene

Observe good general hygiene and go easy on perfumes, colognes and strongly scented products.

Keep the Noise to a Minimum

It would be greatly appreciated if you could place your cell phones on vibrate or silent.  Please be quiet as you enter class and quietly gather your things at the end of class being mindful of those still in class as you make your way to the changing rooms.  Ask the teacher questions before and after class. Practice stillness between postures – yoga is a moving meditation and the class has energy like a school of fish.

Yoga Room is for Yoga

Only bring your Yoga mat, towel, and water with you to class.  No gum, glass, shoes or other personal belongings.  No props are required for Hot 60 or Hot 90.

Support the Community

Smile and enjoy yourself!  Support one another and offer up mat space if someone is trying to find a spot.  Please let us know what you think on our feedback page.