Yoga Etiquette for New Students to Evolation Yoga Midtown

Yoga Etiquette for New Students to Evolation Yoga Midtown

Yoga Etiquette for New Students to Evolation Yoga Midtown 1024 362 Evolation Yoga Atlanta

Welcome to Evolation Yoga Atlanta! We’re so glad you’ve chosen to allow us to guide you on your yoga journey. At Evolation Yoga in Midtown, our aim is to create the most welcoming space possibly by cultivating and advancing a community that is safe, supportive, inclusive, compassionate and without judgement.

We value diversity and recognize that everyone approaches life differently. Since yoga is all about you and your path, our team of highly-qualified instructors is here for you, whether you are looking to be part of something larger or just want to pass through and take time out of your busy day to still your mind and calm your nerves. We believe that no one should ever feel intimidated.

Mindful Yoga Practices for a Welcoming Community

We are all Yogis in the heart, and yoga encourages love, compassion, humility, playfulness and transformation. We strive to create an environment that allows everyone to be empowered, look inward and smile. As a new student at Evolation Yoga Atlanta, there are several things to be mindful of as you embark on your yoga journey:

Practice Ahimsa On & Off the Mat

2000px-Ahimsa.svgAhimsa, or non-violence in Sanskrit, means practicing and living peacefully. When you enter the studio, try to leave any and all negativity – including anger, gossip and complaining – at the door. When you’re in the studio, try to practice patience, gentleness, and peace in everything you do. Everyone in our studio comes to relieve the stress of their everyday lives and find peace within and without – please respect others in the studio and maintain a positive attitude.

Please know that practicing ahimsa also means being patient and gentle with yourself; if you find that a pose isn’t working for you on a particular day or class becomes too challenging, allow yourself to rest and don’t beat yourself up. Allow yourself to explore your body and mind without causing pain; challenge yourself, but don’t hurt yourself.

Arrive Early

You’ll want to give yourself plenty of time to become acquainted with the studio and store your things in the space provided. We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes (20 minutes if it is your first class at Evolation) before class to give yourself plenty of time to set up your mat and put any personal belongings in the storage lockers or under the benches in the lobby. Please note that our classes start on time and the doors are locked once the class starts.

Our friendly desk staff will check you in, take your payment, and let you know if your class is in the Sun Room or the Moon Room. We ask that you remove your shoes before entering the studio space. We maintain a high level of cleanliness throughout our yoga practice rooms, and your shoes track in dirt and other germs from the outside.

Turn off Your Electronics & Store in the Locker Rooms

Many yogis and instructors practice in silence, using the asanas to practice an open-eye meditation. The sounds of electronics break the focus of those in the practice, causing a disruption of the peaceful silence and stillness we all aim to achieve during our yoga practice. We request that you turn off your electronics, or turn them to vibrate or silent, and leave them in the changing rooms.

Be Mindful of the Studio Space

Our studio offers hot and non-hot classes, and our practice rooms are set up to accommodate the yoga styles. In our Sun Room, for instance, there are several mirrors to help students ensure they’re properly aligned in the poses during our hot classes.

As you’re setting up your mat for your practice, please be mindful and aware of other students in the class. Everyone wants to be able to see themselves in the front mirror, and setting up your mat directly in front of another person directly affects their practice. Though the room may get crowded for some classes, please try to be mindful of others and stagger your mat if possible.

Maintain Silence & Stillness Throughout the Practice

Though it’s tempting to speak to others in the class, many yogis go inward before, during and after their yoga practice. Yoga allows people to quietly reflect on their days, their intentions or their goals, and often, conversation can ruin that silent meditation. While asking questions of the instructor during practice is always welcome and encouraged, please try to remain silent during practice. Conversation often distracts others, and especially during challenging poses, practitioners need to be able to stay focused.

Thank Your Instructor & Honor His/Her Spirit

Our instructors value their practice and what their practice brings to their life. They bring their gratitude, their experiences, and their knowledge to every class they teach, and they appreciate the opportunity to share their practice with you. We ask that you honor your instructors as they guide you through your practice. Many teachers bow their head, thank you for sharing your practice with them, and acknowledge the spirit that resides within you by saying, “Namaste.”

If you recognize and honor your instructor, offer your thanks by responding with, “Namaste,” and thank them as you leave the studio.


Take Your Practice Into the World

Often times, we do things that may bring us peace in our lives. Yoga isn’t just a physical practice; it can offer peace of mind, balance of emotions, and inspiration in your life outside the studio. As you go through your daily life, remember what you learn on the mat and offer those lessons to others: your family, your friends, your partner, your children, your employer, and any others whom you may encounter on a regular basis.

Once you embrace the life of a yogi, you’ll start to notice many different aspects of your life that you may not have been aware of previously. Show gratitude, peace, appreciation, respect and friendship everywhere you can.

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