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Yogi Fashion

Yogi Fashion Evolation Yoga Atlanta

Ancient yogis wore little to no clothing when performing yoga in the scorching sun, and many yogis who practiced in ashrams typically wear modest, clean clothing.

So how does the modern yogi look? The key to being a yoga master is to be comfortable. After all, who wants to practice when they’re wearing the incorrect clothing? Comfort is key in almost all areas of life, and your yoga practice is no different.

At Evolation Yoga Midtown in Atlanta, we offer a variety of name brand yoga clothing, such as Onzie, Kira Grace and Spiritual Gangster. We also offer our signature “Give. Love. Share. Together.” tanks and T-shirts, which are roomy and perfect for any of our hot or cool classes. After all, yogis need room to “grow” and expand!
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What to Wear for Your Yoga Class at Evolation

Hot classes:

Many of our hot yoga classes can reach temperatures up to 105°F, and with summer right around the corner, the stylish yogi makes sure his or her clothing is comfortable and breezy yet fitted. Our suggestions include: tanks, t-shirts, sport bras, sweatbands, yoga shorts, yoga pants, or the flowing yoga pant.

Yin, Gentle & Restorative classes:

In many Yin, Gentle and Restorative classes, the majority of the poses are done on the floor. Clothing should be loose and roomy. These classes usually do not exceed 75° F, so a t-shirt and pant may be all you need. Spiritual Gangster, offered by Evolation, has great tops and bottoms that are fitted yet flowing. Check out our collection after your next Yin class in the studio.
**To increase your comfort during our Yin classes, our instructors recommend using blankets and props for additional support.

Vinyasa classes:

Evolation offers a variety of Vinyasa classes, ranging from Slow Flow to Hot Power Flow I & II. While the class temperatures often vary in our Vinyasa classes, the yogi does not. Our suggested clothing options include: headbands, t-shirts, tanks, sport bras, shorts, and pants. The most important aspect of your clothing choice should be your ease of movement because movement is a constant in all of our Vinyasa classes.

Choose the Best Clothing Options for Your Self

Remember, the most important part of choosing what to wear is that you’re comfortable, both during your class and when traveling to and from the studio. We offer locker rooms with plenty of storage if you need to layer up on cooler mornings and nights.

While we do offer these suggestions for our yoga family, we also recommend wearing what you are comfortable in. The clothing options we offer in the studio are a way for you to be comfortable during your practice while also expressing your individuality. If there’s a brand or an article that you’d like for us to carry, or if you’re looking for something specific, reach out via email and let us know!

The yogi’s journey is about balance, peace, and strength. Find yours and flow!