Adriana Moretto

Teaching Style

Adriana believes in giving her students precise and clear instructions on how to construct every asana. A paced practice where the whole class moves together in order to create a strong group energy. Letting your breath guide you as you find your focus, your balance, and your inner Self. It can be overwhelming to start this practice, but I am here to support you and guide you through it.

How Yoga Serves Adriana

Yoga has taught me to create space in my body in order to create space in my life. Particularly, the hot yoga tradition has been transformative, as it has taught me discipline, endurance and will power, characteristics that I absolutely bring to my everyday life. Hot Yoga is an incredibly strong practice which I intend to share with as many students as I can for as long as I am able to.

Words of Wisdom

Breath. Inside and out of the yoga room. Try to face your Yang practice with the strengh and discipline it asks for, but with the awareness and sensitivity of a Yin practice. Listen to your body and be mindful of the concept of “ahimsa” or “non-violence”, which begins with yourself.


Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Adriana’s life was surrounded by yoga ever since she was child since her mom was a practitioner of Hatha Yoga and shared her practice with her kids. There has never been a world without yoga in Adriana’s life. During the pandemic, she got to know the tradition of Hot Yoga and became absolutely addicted. As she moved to the US in 2022, she decided to leave her career in navigation and dedicate herself entirely to yoga studies. She got certified with Evolation in 2023 and is currently being certified in the amazing practice of Yin Yoga.