Ally Jo

Teaching Style

Her intention for each student is to flow with their body & breath and to have fun & gratitude for movement. Ally’s nurturing teaching style also promotes a positive learning environment, where she holds a safe space to be present to where the body is on any particular day. She always ends every class with 3 affirmations. Simple words and phrases have a lot of power to transform our thoughts into positive ones or to invite some change into our lives.

How Yoga Serves Ally

Yoga is a time for her to focus on being in the present moment and give gratitude to the body and mind. Her continued practice and teaching of yoga helps her find balance amidst the everyday stresses that life presents us. We can always come back to the connection of body, mind, and spirit.

Words of Wisdom

You don’t HAVE to move your body. You GET to move your body. Through movement and awareness of the body, we can learn to release what isn’t serving us and create space for the transformation and abundance we all deserve in our lives.


Originally from Queens, New York, she’s made it her passion to share the joy and healing (inside and out) that yoga has brought into her life. Ally has been practicing yoga since 2019 and received her 200-hour certification from Highland Yoga in 2022.