Anthony Colantone

Teaching Style

Anthony has a calm and direct teaching style emphasizing proper technique and alignment. He works to hold the class together encouraging form over depth and offering modifications when needed. He likes to motivate yogis to know their edge and to understand the difference between discomfort and pain; working with that information intelligently, and breathing properly, to create change and healing.

How Yoga Serves Anthony

Yoga has been a huge part of Anthony’s life. Saving him in many ways. The beginning of his journey it was all about healing his body physically. Badly injuring himself while touring in a dance company, is what brought him to his practice. During the process of regaining his mobility, Anthony’s other underlying issues (depression, anger, anxiety, etc) started to heal as well. Sleeping better, making better food choices and quieting the mind are just a few examples of the benefits he has received from a dedicated and consistent Yoga practice.

Words of Wisdom

If hesitating, just get in your car and show up to your mat. The rest will follow. No one ever leaves a yoga class thinking… “I wish I would’ve just stayed at home”


Growing up in small town Ohio, Anthony always had big dreams of seeing the world. Training in dance since the second grade, his passion for the art form and hard work brought him the opportunity to travel professionally in a dance company called “The Bad Boys of Dance”. While performing he injured himself very badly, herniating L5 and S1, causing a “full stop pivot” in his life. He flew back to the states and took the advice of his European doctors and immediately started practicing Bikram Yoga (hot 26&2). Over time it healed his back and many other issues in his life. The work is continuous and rarely easy. But what one gains, makes it always worth the effort.