Christian Palma

Teaching Style

Christian sees yoga as a way to strengthen the connection between mind, body and spirit. His classes focus on proper alignment and emphasize breath and movement within asanas(postures) to draw the attention inward and explore the depths of self through practice.

How Yoga Serves Christian

I believe yoga helps you explore the self from a place of compassion and acceptance. Meeting yourself where you’re at is the first step towards truth and non-judgement.

Words of Wisdom

Everything is a practice. Whether you succeed one day or fail the next, you always get the opportunity to grow.


Christian first experienced yoga taking a friend’s class in 2010.  After spending 13 years working in advertising and the commercial photography industry, he left the 9-5 life behind in 2018 to pursue more hands-on interests, dabbling in woodworking, performance art, and set building. In 2019, seeking to improve his overall health, Christian rediscovered yoga, and that practice ignited a passion for meditation and self-exploration.  He completed his 200-hour certification in January of 2023 from the Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts under the tutelage of the very same friend and now seeks to spread that spark to others.