Ebony Medina

Teaching Style

Ebony’s teaching style is a fusion of mindfulness, breath-centered movement, and spiritual exploration. In her classes, you can expect more than just physical postures. She’s dedicated to weaving in the wisdom of yoga philosophy and mindfulness techniques, empowering you to carry the benefits of your practice beyond the mat. Ebony creates a safe and inclusive space where students of all levels can connect with their bodies, minds, and spirits creating a harmonious blend of dynamic flows, rejuvenating stretches, and moments of stillness, allowing you to delve into the present moment and cultivate self-love.

How Yoga Serves Ebony

Yoga serves as my compass, guiding me through life’s highs and lows with grace and intention. On the mat, I’ve learned to embrace the beauty of each breath, finding solace in the present moment. Off the mat, yoga’s teachings inspire me to approach challenges with mindfulness and an open heart.

Words of Wisdom

“Curving back within myself I create again and again.”

From the Bhagavad Gita, this quote signifies freedom of thoughts and actions, for getting yourself out of the situation, where you are stuck up in your life. Not only that, it actually gives encouragement to try and explore new things, which are unbiased from the past.

The experience of being alive is quite an adventure!


Ebony is a 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness- Based Stress Reduction facilitator, creative writer, and is currently pursuing her Masters degree in Consciousness and Human Potential through Maharishi International University. She has been taught, and mentored through both 200 and 300 hour teacher trainings by Scott Page, and Donna Schnoor of Ignite Yoga Studios in Phoenix, Arizona.

Called to her craft in 2010 after an auto- immune disease left her disabled she has spent the last decade teaching, studying, and writing about the practice of ancient, natural, and sacred ways to restore the Body, Mind, and Soul. She is the founder of The Ebony Yogi Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit organization with a mission to empower individuals to cultivate the skills and awareness necessary to effectively manage stress, enhance well-being, and promote resilience. She moved to Atlanta from Phoenix in 2023.