Hannah Onians

Teaching Style

Hannah’s approach to teaching is calm, intuitive, and trauma sensitive. She is aware that we all come from our own backgrounds and experiences that shape the way we perceive what is happening in the present moment. Her classes are consciously taught to invite a sense of curiosity, compassion, and understanding into our experiences. Each breath, each movement, each sensation is an invitation to connect deeper to oneself.

How Yoga Serves Hannah

Yoga has been an integral part of Hannah’s healing journey. The practice has become a way of be-ing that has allowed her to slow down and connect with the world in a more conscious way. She knows the journey is always unfolding and that instills a deep sense of peace and compassion inside of her.

Words of Wisdom

Our wisest teachers evolve from within.


Hannah’s journey began during a time in her life when she was seeking deep inner healing. The practice quickly became a refuge for her which inspired her to receive her teacher training in 2016 from Asheville Yoga Center. She has since then completed an Advanced Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness training alongside her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. This knowledge supports her to hold space in a consciously aware way. She is also obtaining an Art Therapy certification as an additional way to creatively express the inner emotional realms of our beings. Her passion in life is to hold space for others on their journey of healing and truly believes in the integration of yoga, psychology, mindfulness, art therapy, and somatic connection. Hannah is Love Your Brain certified and Trauma Informed.