Malik Khalid

Teaching Style

Malik combines a dynamic blend of classical and modern yoga philosophies in one class, designed to remove obstacles, create energy, and purify the mind. Every class includes standing postures, hip openers, backbends, forward folds, twist, and inversions. Most classes will include mantras and meditation bridging the gap between all styles of yoga.

How Yoga Serves Malik

Yoga is my constant, my gateway to god. It has drastically changed the way I view myself and devotion.

Words of Wisdom

Practice every day even when you don’t feel like it, you’ll feel better knowing you practiced.


Malik Khalid is an Atlanta native, the grandson of Jesse A. Blackshear the first Black elected official from East Savannah, a Dekalb county school system graduate, a son, a friend, and most of all a student. Malik has an intense desire to learn, perfect and execute, which led him to train and practice with Bikram’s top students teachers like Jolin Conine, Jared McCann founder of JM Vinyasa, and Carmen Aguilar founder of Cyoga.