Mary Beth Howell

Teaching Style

Free and easy. Going with the flow and into the action of letting go. Mary Beth is a hands on teacher where you will be seen and heard.

How Yoga Serves Mary Beth 

Mary Beth Howell is an awe-inspring veteran of yoga with vast knowledge in many genres. Driven by her passion for life and commitment to service, Mary Beth can be found teaching a Slow Flow, Restorative to Power Vinyasa classes. Ultimately, her goal is to live a life of yoga on and off the mat.

Structurally, alignment is the is one of the most important concepts to Mary Beth. She guides and leads with alignment cues concentrating on being “effortless and focused” and “steady and sweet.”

Her years of experience have taught her a plethora of things: one major takeaway is every pose is available to all.

Mary Beth believes that yoga needs to be accessible to the masses, no matter their fitness, demographics, or any other delimitating factor.

Yoga is a journey inward that leads us into self inquiry and the knowledge that are all interconnected. Our purpose is to serve.

Words of Wisdom

Come as you are with an open heart and mind ready to do the work. Yoga will meet you right were you are.


Mary Beth opened MBH YOGA after being called to share yoga. She is a master teacher, and has lead and trained many teachers. Her journey lead her to Atlanta, where she is the Director of the Atlanta Yoga Project that brings well-being classes to seniors, homeless , parks and even the DA’s office!