Mindy Underberger

Teaching Style

Mindy brings creativity and fun to class with a sensitivity to the wide range of experience levels of her students. Her teaching style concentrates on providing a calm atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and supported. She provides a mix of challenging postures, deep meditation, and thought-provoking instruction.

How Yoga Serves Mindy

By embracing all 8 limbs of her classical training, she has found yoga to be a transformative experience. The physical benefits of practice are just the beginning. Yoga is a way of life that has brought purpose and peace to every aspect of Mindy’s life.

Words of Wisdom

It isn’t about doing the breathing techniques or sequences of poses, it is about being able to come back to your breath and pay attention to your postures when your mind has distracted you from the present moment. We must learn to do this again and again. That’s why they call it a practice.


After 30 years working in marketing, Mindy quit to pursue her true passion — yoga. She completed her 200-hour teacher training with Kashi Atlanta, a classical urban ashram that teaches how to live the life of a yogi. Continuing on this journey, she wants to share what she has learned with others. She possesses in-depth knowledge of breathing and meditation techniques in addition to experience teaching yin, chair, vinyasa and slow flow.