Rachel Mzhickteno

Teaching Style

In her yoga classes, Rachel upholds the simplicity and accessibility of the 26&2 practice through direct and succinct cueing. She truly believes with all of her heart that this style of yoga is accessible to all bodies. In Pilates, Rachel keeps the class super high energy with fun yet simple and effective movements and thoughtful playlists. You never know what someone is dealing with in their lives outside of the studio, so Rachel aims to make everyone feel seen and cared for when they show up for class.

How Yoga Serves Rachel

Yoga has been there for Rachel throughout all of the ups and downs of life. She found yoga while in college and didn’t realize how badly she needed it. These days, Rachel uses her practice as an opportunity to connect with herself, to ground, to tap into creativity, and most importantly as a way for her to keep her mind, body and spirit healthy and vibrant.

Words of Wisdom

Your yoga practice is cumulative. So although your progress is not linear, you are always creating positive change when you commit to showing up for yourself on your mat. Just get yourself to class as much as you can, do the best that you can while you are there, and your best is always enough.


Rachel dabbled in various yoga practices in college, but she didn’t fall in love with yoga until she found Bikram yoga in 2009. She went on to attend Bikram’s Teacher Training in LA in 2011 and has been teaching full-time ever since. She taught in her hometown in Kansas at the only Bikram studio in the state before moving to Richmond, VA where she ended up managing then owning a hot yoga and pilates studio for six and a half years.

In January 2024, she sold her studio and moved to ATL to be closer to family. Rachel is also trained in Inferno Hot Pilates level 1 and 2, Yin Yoga, and Baptiste Power Yoga. She particularly loves the pairing of the 26&2 practice with IHP for its combined benefits of strength and mobility.