Siha Collins

Teaching Style

As a trauma-informed mindfulness educator, Siha hopes each practice creates a foundation and framework for creating resilience on and off the mat. Highly attuned to a multi-sensory experience, Siha intuitively designs and teaches well-rounded practices that incorporate mindful movement, breathwork, meditation, and rest to regulate your nervous system and give you greater awareness, access, and control of your physical, mental, and emotional capacity. Her approach invites students to de-center a performative, fitness-based mindset and create a collective space for personal care, discovery, insight and connection. She hopes you’ll not only learn how to feel better, but feel, better.

How Yoga Serves Siha

“Each time I step on my mat, I feel very lucky to have found a way to get to care for and learn about myself more deeply. My personal practice is truly one of my prized ‘possessions’— and it’s always my wish that everyone will have the privilege of getting to know what it’s like to become their own friend and teacher through the practice of yoga.”

Words of Wisdom

“Nobody cares — more than you do. If you want to shift the world around you, it will begin by shifting the world within. You can’t genuinely help sick people if you’re sick; broke people if you’re broke or sad people if you’re sad. So by cultivating health, wealth, and happiness, you can be of the greatest service to others.”


Siha is a former competitive athlete and advertising executive who first found yoga to manage injury and a high-stress work environment. After 10 years of struggling with body image and confidence to create a consistent yoga practice, she discovered trauma-informed wellness radically shifted her approach to studying and teaching. Through her lifestyle brand and community initiative, Yellow Mat Wellness Collective, Siha has looked for ways to create greater access to wellness by creating innovative ways to connect.

As a community teacher and educator, Siha has created and facilitated mindfulness experiences for various brands and organizations including Lululemon, Allbirds Shoes, United Way, Refinery29, EssenceGU, Atlantic Station, High Museum of Art, and more.