Get to Know Our Studio

Studio Etiquette

We want to ensure all yogis have an enjoyable practice at our studio. Please be mindful of our etiquette and community expectations.

Safety First

Listen to your body, ignore your ego, and don’t push it. Discomfort is OK, but back off or come out of a pose early if you feel pain. Breathe and don’t be afraid to rest in class. Inform your teacher of any prior injuries and health conditions.

Practice Love and Kindness

Leave any negativity at the door. Please respect others and maintain a positive attitude. It is a sacred space, where people come to feel safe and relieve stress.

Be Punctual

Arrive early to allow time for sign in and set up. We open doors 15 minutes before class, classes begin on time, and doors are locked at the start of class. Please also be timely with showering and changing after class, as we may have to lock doors as soon as 15 minutes after class ends.

No Bikes

We do not allow bikes inside the studio. Please lock bikes on the bike racks on 8th Street just outside our door.

Be Quiet

The studio is a meditative space. Please silence cell phones and leave all devices outside of the yoga room. Use whisper voices while in the yoga rooms.  The community is social so please enjoy visiting with others but do so quietly and respectfully.

No Phones or other Personal Belongings in the Yoga Room

Only bring your yoga mat, towel, and water into the yoga room.

Properly Space Mats

Be respectful of other students in class. Use the floor markers in the Sun Room during full classes and be mindful of others’ ability to see themselves in the mirrors.

Clean Up After Class

We provide spray and towels to clean mats and blocks, and please wipe up your sweat puddles.

Our Studio is Your Studio

Make yourself at home and treat it like it is yours. Please replace any props where you found them.

Respect Your Teachers

Listen to your teacher and follow their instructions. Make every effort to stay for the entire class. Check with the teacher if you feel like you need to leave early. Please thank your teacher after class.

Mind Your Personal Hygiene

Observe good general hygiene and go easy on perfumes, colognes, and strongly scented products.

Support Our Community

Smile and enjoy yourself!  Please let us know what you think.

Thank You for Being Here with Us & Supporting Your Fellow Yogis in the Beautiful Practice of Yoga!

– the evolation yoga atlanta team