Amanda Pawlowski

Teaching Style

My teaching style concentrates on strength and safety with a focus on alignment and isometrics. I want my students to be fully present in their bodies in the moving meditation yoga provides. I am inspired by the effort of my students toward their own self care, and I encourage students to joyfully make the effort that feels right for them on and off the mat.

How Yoga Serves Amanda

I practice yoga in order to connect more deeply with myself. I teach yoga to connect with my students and to open the door for students to connect more deeply with themselves.

Words of Wisdom

Before you can be great at something, you have to be good. Before you can be good, you have to be okay; and before you can be okay, you have to be willing to be bad. But before you can even be bad at something, you have to try. Whether it’s a yoga pose or learning to meditate or to be kinder to the person who cut us off in traffic, the first step is always to simply try.


I have been practicing yoga since 2011. A yoga-related injury in 2017 forced me to modify my physical yoga practice, which pushed me deeper in meditation and compassion for myself. I received my 200-hour certification from Integrative Flow Yoga with Veronica Lewinger in 2019 and started teaching right away.