Leebo Tyler

Teaching Style

Leebo teaches at a nurturing pace that pushes students to progress without feeling the pressure to do so. As much as he loves the tradition of 26&2, he also encourages students to have grace and allow themselves to be patient with their bodies.

How Yoga Serves Leebo

Practicing yoga has created peace and clarity for Leebo. Whether things are going well or terribly, yoga always centers him. It allows him to find discipline and create a culture of progress within. It’s a way of life.

Words of Wisdom

Allow every emotion to pass through you when practicing. The more you suppress emotion during class, the worse you’ll feel afterward. Yoga isn’t therapy, but it is therapeutic; the hardest part is getting to your mat. Congratulate yourself for that alone.


Originally from Mobile, Alabama. Leebo began practicing yoga in 2017, found Hot yoga in 2019, and has been drawn in ever since. Yoga has been an avenue toward peace for him. Outside of the studio, he enjoys painting & coloring, exploring the city, and building community. Leebo’s favorite asana is Standing Bow Pulling.