What’s Your Yoga Style?

What’s Your Yoga Style?

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Whether you’re talking about clothing, food, or something else, everybody has a different style. Your personal preferences and goals are key to making choices that are a perfect fit for you. Yoga is no different. With many different options available, do you know which type of yoga best meets your unique needs?

Start by asking yourself why you practice yoga, and then take some time to learn about different styles?

I want to lose weight.

If your yoga practice is primarily based on burning calories, try a form of hot yoga like Hot 26.

This style of yoga will challenge your body as the heat helps to release toxins. Strength and flexibility will improve and you will lose body fat.

I want to be mentally balanced and fight stress.

Practicing yoga can definitely help you quiet your mind and get control over stress. Many people even find that consistently practicing yoga helps with depression.

For mental benefits, try the Barkan method. This is a type of heated yoga derived from the Hatha family, and it is centered on balancing the body’s internal systems and brigning serenity to the mind.

I want to increase circulation and flexibility.

If you want to allow your body to be as open as possible and increase the blood flow through your extremities, consider a slow-paced Yin yoga. This style of yoga focuses on holding poses for long periods of time as your body stretches and opens to new possibilities.

I want to get energized.

Do you want to increase your energy and vitality while gaining strength? Consider Vinyasa yoga which emphasizes flowing movements that are coordinated with your breath.

Vinyasa yoga builds an inner heat which increases energy and brings balance to your mind and body.

Considering your individual goals with it comes to yoga is a great place to start finding styles that work for you. However, the best way to truly discover the right type of yoga to fit your individual needs is to try several different styles to see which your body responds to. As your yoga practice continues and your goals evolve, you might discover that you are drawn to other types of yoga as well.

Enjoy discovering all the benefits of yoga, no matter which styles you try!